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Chemere Ellis Publishes Article On Parental Leave In The Journal For The Florida Association Of Women Lawyers

Guerra & Partners is pleased to announce that Chemere Ellis has published an article on parental leave in the Fall/Winter 2022 Edition of the Journal for the Florida Association of Women Lawyers. The article, entitled, “To Leave Or Not To Leave: An Assessment Of Parental Leave Policy For Florida Attorneys,” assesses the state of parental leave for Florida attorneys by outlining the applicable law in Florida. Chemere also surveyed over forty attorneys to gather their thoughts on parental leave and data on industry-specific parental leave policies. The article concludes by advising attorneys what they can reasonably anticipate in certain industries and includes a call to action for attorneys to be more intentional when it comes to negotiating favorable family planning and parental leave policies. Visit to read the full article on pages 14 and 15.

Chemere Ellis is a trial attorney and securities and commercial litigator. She co-chairs the firm’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and is passionate about increasing diversity and amplifying diverse voices in the law.