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Doris Roush Celebrated Her 10th Anniversary With Guerra & Partners

Doris Roush celebrated her 10th anniversary with Guerra & Partners on November 9. Doris is Legal Assistant to Chemere Ellis.

Doris grew up in Michigan and moved to Southern California in the early 90s. After fulfilling the valley girl lifestyle, she relocated to affluent Bellevue, Washington. She earned her degree from Lake Washington Institute of Technology and was highly recommended by her professor to the firm of Peterson Russell Kelly PLLC. After joining the firm, she quickly became the lead Legal Assistant/Paralegal specializing in civil and commercial litigation for over 8 years. Having completed her tour of the west coast, Doris relocated to Florida to spend time with her aging father. During her personal time, she has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, enjoyed many hiking adventures, has a talent for creating beautiful art pieces, and has traveled to numerous locations including, Belize, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Thailand, and many US states.